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7 Hottest Twerking Videos From Fraules. Watch Now! (16)

Bernice Burgos, 37, released her most current twerking video on Could 30, and it may possibly just be her ideal yet! Phones aren't capable to develop effect of the hologram consequently this appendix makes use of the camera, effect of twerking augmented reality which permits to take into account twerk the girl in all its elements and the specific filter carrying out similarity to the present hologram.

In 2014, she certainly created her twerking expertise recognized, when she released the music video for her hit single Operate." Dressed provocatively in a nude prime with yellow mini shorts, Iggy created her stamp back then as a female in the music market with talent and plenty of sex appeal.

Dance a small bit beforehand and afterwards to make it appear as even though the twerk is just yet another dance move, and have some close friends around if feasible so that if essential you have the excuse that you were just dancing for oneself and not for him.

The video instantaneously sparked intense debate among commenters about how the girls should be punished — with several of the commenters calling for the exact same gruesome whooping that two teens received that landed their father in jail soon after he punished the girls for generating a similar video.

The US superstar brought her twerking A-game for the music video for 'Check On It', as part of the Pink Panther soundtrack, and cemented her status as a single of the ideal twerkers in the enterprise!

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